GE SmartWater MWF Cartridge Water Filter

GE MWF Cartridge
GE SmartWater MWF Cartridge Water Filter

Looking to replace your refrigerator’s water filter? Or looking for an altogether new one? Then GE’s SmartWater MWF water filter should be your stop. This new design from GE is here to efficiently serve your purpose. Read on…

Why replace your water filter with the GE SmartWater MWF Cartridge?

  • The design of GE SmartWater MWF water filter is new and a better one as compared to the GE GWF refrigerator water filter which is outdated now.
  • The water after being processed by the GE MWF SmartWater filter is cleaner and tastes better. Both drinking as well as cooking purposes are served.
  • Excess chlorine content in water can make drinking it an unpleasant experience. The GE MWF filters considerably reduce the odour and the chlorine taste. Also, the sediments are taken care of.
  • Water contains unwanted chemicals like Lead, p-dichloro benzene, asbestos, etc. 99% of these impurities is filtered by the GE MWF. However, Fluoride is not removed by this refrigerator filter.
  • Organic impurities like Benzene, 2,4-D,Toxaphene and Carbofuran is reduced by the GE MWF refrigerator filter. It also reduces turbidity (haziness caused by suspended solid particles) and the mercury content in the water.

To summarize, the MWF Cartridge filter has the following advantages:

  • New, better design
  • Impurities removed to the extent of 99.9%
  • Water purified is clean, odourless and tastier
  • Reduces Organic impurities, other unwanted toxic chemicals
  • Compatible with most refrigerators
  • Affordably priced

Who sells the GE SmartWater MWF Cartridge for Best Price?

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Compatibility with different refrigerators:

The GE SmartWater MWF Cartridge is compatible with GE refrigerators, of course, and also with Hotpoint refrigerators, mounted inside, at the rear and above the top shelf. You need a GE filter adapter only when you are replacing the following filter model numbers: GE FXRT, GE HXRT, GE FXRC, GE MXRC, GE WR97X10006, or, Kenmore 9905, 469905, 46-9905, 9905P, 04609905000.

Another positive about the GE Adapter is its reusability. Install it just once in your refrigerator and you are done.

Along with the Adapter, the GE MWF refrigerator filter is taller by nearly 1 inch. So, make sure that the top shelf of your refrigerator is high enough to accommodate both, the GE MWF filter and the adapter. GE MWF filter fits perfectly in the Swift Green SGF-G1 refrigerator filter. With same design specifications and size, the SGF-G1 is most compatible with the GE MWF filter. Attach an adapter, and the Swift Green SGF-G1 can replace the filter models GE Culligan FXRT and FXRC. The following are the old water filter models that can be replaced by the GE MWF filter:

Refrigerator filter model


GE Culligan FXRC and FXRT

Adapter required


Adapter required


Adapter not required

GE WRX97X10006

Adapter required


Adapter not required


Pre-installed adapter

Hotpoint HWF

Adapter not required

Kenmore 9905

Adapter not required

Kenmore 469905,  46-9905

Adapter required


Pre-installed adapter


Adapter not required

Sears 04609905000

Adapter not required

Swift Green SGF-G1

Adapter not required

WaterSentinel WSG-1

Adapter not required

The following refrigerators use the GE MWF water filter:

  • GE-Smart WF
  • Any GE refrigerator with GE MWF or GWF filter
  • Hotpoint refrigerator with GE MWF or GWF filter.
  • Kenmore’s 363 series
  • GE Profile PSB42GRBV
  • GE Profile PSB42LGRBBV

When to replace MWF filter?

GE MWF filters are equipped with a monitor light that turns ‘red’ when it is time to replace the filter. Also, the filter has shelf life of maximum 6 months. Whichever of these two happens earlier, the filter should be replaced. If, at all, you notice that the odours aren’t being reduced in the water and there is a great pressure drop, replace your filter sooner.

How to install new GE MWF filter?

  • Turn the old filter 90 degrees anti-clockwise.
  • Pull down the old filter. Discard it.
  • Fill water into the new filter. Push it into the fridge.
  • Turn filter back, 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Reset the light on the monitor.

Thus, by purifying the water you drink, the GE MWF SmartWater refrigerator filter ensures a healthy household. Removal of impurities like Lead to the extent of 99.9% and reduction of chlorine odours improves taste and saves your body from contamination. Drink healthy by buying the GE MWF SmartWater Cartridge refrigerator water filter which is, above all of its positives, very affordable compared against other filters.

If you want to buy this GE MWF Cartridge Water Filter, I personally recommend you buy them through Amazon here. You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.